Switch up your routine this Spring

April 2024

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Written by Joanne O’Hagan, Meaghers

Switching up your skincare routine for spring can be a great idea at this time of year. As the seasons change the needs of your skin also change. During the winter months, cold weather and indoor heating can lead to dryness and dullness. By transitioning to a spring skincare routine, you can address these issues and help your skin adapt to the warmer weather.

In spring, you may want to focus on lighter, hydrating products to help your skin recover from winter dryness. Incorporating products with antioxidants can also help protect your skin from environmental stressors like increased UV exposure. Additionally, adjusting your routine can help prevent breakouts and address any changes in your skin’s oil production that may occur with the shift in weather.

With the change in season some of our favourite brands have brought out some newness ideal to address these issues as the evenings get brighter and our skincare gets lighter!

Avene Hydrance Boost Hydrating Serum 30ml

Let’s start with the Avene Hydrance Boost Hydrating Serum, a 30ml powerhouse that will quench your skin’s thirst for hydration, leaving it supple and radiant. Perfect for sensitive and reactive skin the addition of Vitamin B will soothe and repair the skin. Ideal to be used twice a day under your SPF in the morning and under your night cream at night apply after cleansing.


Avene Hydrance Boost Hydrating Serum 30ml

Ella & Jo Nourish & Glow Superfood Facial Oil 50ml

The Ella & Jo Nourish & Glow Superfood Facial Oil in a generous 50ml size is here to nourish your skin with a blend of vitamins and antioxidants, giving you a healthy glow from within.

Start applying the oil to your face, neck and decolletage are. Use gentle upward and outward motions to spread the oil evenly across your skin. Take a moment to massage the facial oil into your skin using upward and circular motions. This promotes better absorption and can help improve blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow. Dispense 2-3 drops of the facial oil onto your fingertips. (A little goes a long way.)

Let It Absorb Allow the product to absorb into your skin for a few minutes. The lightweight formula should quickly penetrate your skin without leaving a greasy residue. You can use this time to incorporate your gua sha ritual.


Ella & Jo Nourish & Glow Superfood Facial Oil 50ml

Geske Sonic Thermo Facial Brush 6 in 1

For those looking to level up their skincare tool game, the Geske Sonic Thermo Facial Brush 6 in 1 is a must-have. This innovative device offers six functions to cleanse, exfoliate, and massage your skin, leaving it rejuvenated and revitalized.

Compact yet powerful – it’s a cleanser, a heated brush, and a facial massager rolled into one. Get ready to unlock natural, brighter, and rejuvenated skin, starting from its deepest layers.


Geske Sonic Thermo Facial Brush 6 in 1

La Roche-Posay Mela B3 Anti-Dark Spot Serum

Say goodbye to dark spots with the La Roche-Posay Mela B3 Anti-Dark Spot Serum, a targeted treatment that helps to even out skin tone and brighten complexion. As well as targeting dark spots the ultra-lightweight gel-serum texture also includes retinol, hyaluronic acid and LHA to promote gentle exfoliation and hydration for a radiant result.


La Roche-Posay Mela B3 Anti-Dark Spot Serum

Overall, changing up your skincare routine for spring can help you maintain healthy, glowing skin throughout the changing seasons. Be sure to pay attention to how your skin is feeling and adjust your products and routine as needed to keep your skin looking its best. For more information or if you have a specific question get in touch with us here in Meaghers.


Oonagh O’Hagan

Meaghers Pharmacy

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Switch up your routine this Spring

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