Tackling the Symptoms of Allergies

April 2022

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Written by Oonagh O’Hagan of Meaghers

Its that time of year again and the flowers are in bloom, the evenings are getting longer and spring is in the air. The springtime can bring with it a real boost for the mood as well as more opportunities to be outside and active which is amazing for our health and wellbeing.

One thing that may be stopping you from enjoying all the pleasures of the springtime is allergies. When the Pollen count is high it can trigger a reaction in some of us where our bodies go into protective mode. As your body releases histamine in reaction to the pollen in the air you may notice some allergy symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, sneezing, a runny or blocked nose or itchy streaming eyes, some people also suffer from red irritations on the skin in the form of a rash.

If this describes your current situation, we have a few top tips from our pharmacists to help you deal with the symptoms of allergies and enjoy the springtime in all its glory!

1. Take an Antihistamine

Allergies are reactions caused when the immune system detects a specific foreign substance (allergen), such as pollen or mould spores and releases the defender Histamine. Histamine causes blood vessels to expand and the skin to swell, which helps protect the body in normal circumstances however in the case of Hay fever the body is detecting something harmless and the release of the histamine causes the allergy symptoms.

Antihistamines help stop this happening if you take them before you come into contact with the substance, you're allergic to. Or they can reduce the severity of symptoms if you take them afterwards. Telfast is a one a day antihistamine tablet that lasts for 24hrs, you can take Telfast daily during allergy season to defend against the allergy symptoms.


Telfast Allergy Relief Tablets 30’s

2. Salt Therapy

If your airways are affected by allergies, Salt therapy is an excellent solution to try.

Many people suffer from a constant runny nose, sneezes, itchy teary eyes, and recurrent cough, it can also really affect your sleep. Salt therapy and the Salin Plus device is a natural therapy that many of our customers swear by. The salt particles break up the mucus plugs in your airways and sinuses, allowing more space for air to flow through. In addition, this results in less sleep disturbance as air tends to flow freely during sleep. It releases discomfort and flushes out the triggers for allergies


Salin Plus Breathe Easy Salt Therapy

3. Protect your home

Shut windows in your house on days pollen counts are high. Avoid using windows or fans that may draw pollen inside. Also wash bedding weekly in hot water and dry all washing indoors sheets hanging on an outside line are an easy target for blowing pollen.

4. Ensure a symptom free night

Shower and wash your hair before bed. Pollen can collect on your hair and skin and remain there for the night possibly disrupting your sleep. Keep pets off of the furniture and out of the bedroom. Pollen can cling to the dog or cat after being outside.

5. Nasal Irrigation

Clearing the nasal cavity is an excellent way to relive and prevent allergy symptoms. Pollen can cling to the little tubes in our nasal cavity causing sneezing, runny eyes and nose and blockages. Nasal irrigation is a technique where you use a high volume of liquid to cleat the cavity. You pour a saltwater (saline) solution into one nostril. As it flows through your nasal cavity into the other nostril, it washes out mucus and allergens.

You may see results after just one or two times. The benefits grow as you continue to do it. One study showed that in the long run, nasal irrigation helped people feel in control of their sinus symptoms and improved their quality of life.


NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit

6. Soothe the skin

A lesser-known symptom of hay fever experienced by some people is a red, itchy and irritated rash on the skin. The sensation from this rash is similar to hives, prickly heat or contact dermatitis. Those who are allergic to pollen and experience hay fever may also see a flare up in any underlying skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. Make sure and soothe the skin daily after showering to reinforce the skins barrier, to reduce irritation and to keep the skin strong and healthy.

Avène Xeracalm Balm works to alleviate symptoms of itchy and eczema prone skin. It is a wonderful daily body moisturiser to defend against dryness and irritation of the skin


Avene Xeracalm A.D. Lipid-Replenishing Balm

We are here to help!

As always if you have any concerns or questions regarding allergies or the treatment suitable for you get in contact with us in Meaghers to speak to a pharmacist.

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Tackling the Symptoms of Allergies

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