Double Cleansing

March 2021

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Written by Joanne O’Hagan of Meagher’s Pharmacy

Clean Skin is Healthy Skin


When asked about my top skincare tips where I always begin is with a good cleansing routine. I believe that the correct cleansing routine can lay the foundations for healthy glowing skin and no matter the skin type…

‘… failing to cleanse the skin properly will always lead to problems such as dullness, breakouts, dryness and dehydration lines.’

The Magic of Double Cleansing


Cleansing has become increasingly trendy in recent years however double cleaning has been around for a long time! Do you ever wonder why your skin feels so squeaky clean and soft after a facial? It begins with the therapist’s double cleanse of the skin; it is standard practice as an effective cleanse helps all the other products used during the treatment work better. Also, the Japanese Geishas were known to remove their heavy white makeup with a double cleanse routine- there must be something in the technique.

The First Cleanse


The first Cleanse should ideally include an oil-based cleanser- this is because the aim of the first cleanse is to fully remove any debris from the surface layer of the skin, typically makeup, sunscreen, sweat and oil. Oil always attracts oil so an oil-based cleanser is the best way to clear the skin for the second cleanse.

Pestle and Mortar Erase Balm is a little different to the traditional oil-based cleanser, you will notice your skin feeling super soft and clean without feeling greasy. The erase balm instantly calms, hydrates and refreshes skin, and the balm like consistency melts away makeup and any build-up of product or sweat on the skin.

It contains a beautiful blend of natural oils such as grapeseed and lavender that deliver skin
brightening benefits that give a glowing complexion and an anti-ageing cocktail of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that soothes and protects the skin.

The key with this cleanser is that it wont strip the skin of its natural oils and damage the protective barrier. It will take care of this barrier while effectively removing every bit of debris from the skin.

Warm a small amount of product between your fingers before massaging onto dry skin. Dampen the double-sided cloth with warm water and using the textured side, remove the cleansing balm from your face. Watch as the day is removed from the face and you have a blank canvas for the rest of your skincare products.
Use this as a first cleanse in the evening.


Pestle & Mortar Erase Cleansing Balm

The Second Cleanse


Once the skin is clear of any roadblocks caused by oil-based impurities, including makeup, sunscreen, sebum, and pollution it’s time to cleanse the skin for the second time. The second water-based cleanser can really work its way into the skin, removing the likes of grime, dead skin cells and sweat. It is at this stage when the pores are cleared and the skin is gently exfoliated.

Pestle and Mortar renew cleanser is a natural non-foaming gel cleanser, what makes it special is that is does not dry the skin out leaving a tight feeling but will instead help it remain hydrated and illuminated.

It is the natural fruit enzymes that is the star of the show in this product, blended with special ingredient superoxide dismutase this cleanser is a powerful free radical fighter which is excellent at protecting the skin against premature aging.

Simply pump one pump of renew and apply to dry skin after the first cleanse. Massage gently and remove with the dampened double-sided cloth with warm water. This cleanser can be used morning and night and will help prepare the skin for all your other skincare ingredients.


Pestle & Mortar Renew Lightweight Gel Cleanser 100ml

Is Double Cleansing for Me?


In short double cleansing is for everyone. No matter your age or skin type, it is a simple and effective way to ensure that dead skin cells, debris such as oils, sweat and products does not cause a build-up in the pores or on the surface of the skin and cause dullness and congestion.

So, for perfectly balanced skin that remains hydrated, illuminated and healthy follow the geishas lead and double cleanse daily.


Pestle and Mortar Double sided face cloths


Oonagh O’Hagan

Meaghers Pharmacy

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-Lisa McGowan

Double Cleansing

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