Get the Very Best Vitamins for Stronger Immunity

April 2024

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It’s long been said in medical circles that ‘your health is wealth’ and we’re strong proponents of that viewpoint here at Meaghers.

This statement rings true because it can prove hugely challenging to go about your daily undertakings when your health is compromised, as many with an existing health condition can attest to.

A healthy immune system is critical in ensuring your body functions optimally. To support your immune system, you need to regularly evaluate your daily dietary needs and adapt to change when deficiencies or enhancement opportunities present themselves.

A balanced, vitamin-rich diet is the first step in boosting your immune system. In addition, you reap many health benefits by being keen on a healthy, active lifestyle.

You need to balance the various vitamins you consume to boost your body’s functionality.

Some of the vital immune-boosting vitamins include:

  • Vitamin C – vital in ensuring that your body is protected from the presence of harmful pathogens in the system
  • Vitamin E – aids your body to build a robust defence mechanism that protects you from getting infected
  • Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin – keeping autoimmune diseases and microbial infections at bay
  • Vitamin K – keeps the blood cells flowing smoothly and is a critical connector vitamin
  • Vitamin A – keeps critical bodily functions such as vision in prime condition.

If you struggle to get reach your daily recommended vitamin levels, you can use diet supplements that help protect you from infections.


Revive Active Tropical Health Food Supplement


Revive Active Zest Active 30 Sachets


Pharma Nord BioActive Vitamin D Pearls 38UG


Zooki Liposomal Vitamin D3 +K2 Mixed Berry


Minami MorEPA Original Omega-3 Fish Oils 60 Softgels


BetterYou Boost B12 Daily Oral Spray


Zooki Liposomal Vitamin C 30 (1000mg) Sachets

As always, we advise all of our customers to seek expert medical advice before taking any new vitamins and to educate themselves fully before deciding on the best course of action. If you need to chat, we’re here for you. 

Oonagh O’Hagan

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-Lisa McGowan

Get the Very Best Vitamins for Stronger Immunity

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