Summer Ready Skin

May 2023

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Written by Joanne O’Hagan, Meaghers

As the summer months approach and holiday plans are made this is the perfect time to get your skin ready for the change in seasons and introduce some skincare habits to improve and protect your skin this summer.

There are several simple fundamentals to remember when getting your skin summer ready.


  • Make hydration a priority.
  • Add extra protection and glow with an antioxidant.
  • If your skin is oily or combination don’t overload it with rich products
  • Avoid tanning beds at all costs.
  • Make sure to exfoliate.
  • Find an SPF that you will use every day.

Hydration is Key

Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum 30ml

As the temperatures rise our bodies struggle to remain hydrated, the best thing you can do for your skin and for your entire body in fact is to drink more water, up to 2 litres a day if possible. Keep the skin hydrated by using a hyaluronic acid serum twice a day and a lightweight moisturiser to keep the skins barrier intact and stop water leaving the skin.

An excellent option is the Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum 30ml


Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Vitamin C Serum 20ml

Antioxidants play a key role in the protection of your skin cells against damage, from UV rays, from pollution or from any other free radicals that may attack the cell and cause the signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles, pigmentation marks and uneven, dull skin. Using an antioxidant serum every morning can help protect your cells and reduce the signs of ageing while also correcting some of these issues. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will also help brighten and even the skin tone. Vichy Lift Activ Vitamin C serum should be applied every morning under your SPF for best results.


Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Vitamin C Serum 20ml

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Antioxidant 60 Capsules

To nourish the skin from the inside out a skincare supplement can be beneficial to helps to safeguard your skin and keep it looking younger for longer. Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Antioxidant is suitable for all skin types and all stages of adult life. Packed with seven super plant nutrients including bilberry, turmeric root, green tea and grape seed extracts. Just as plants need antioxidants to protect them from damaging UV rays, so does your skin!


Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Antioxidant 60 Capsules


Vichy Minéral 89 72 Hr Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Boosting Cream

The summer months tend to bring more activity, possibly outdoors, warmer weather and more humidity, this increase in temperature can make our skin feel sluggish under a heavy moisturiser. Instead opt for light layers of a lotion or a gel or a lightweight cream if your skin is Dry.

Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and aloe that hold onto water and attract moisture to the skin. The Mineral 89 moisture boosting cream is a perfect summer moisturiser that will keep the skin barrier intact and keep the skin hydrated without looking greasy.


Vichy Minéral 89 72 Hr Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Boosting Cream


SOSU Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse 150ml

UV rays are a form of radiation and damage the DNA of your skin cells, any type of natural tan is a sign that your skin is damaged. Using sunbeds or sunbathing without SPF protection massively increases your risk of developing Skin Cancer. According to the Irish Cancer society Skin cancer is the fastest growing cancer in Ireland and most cases of skin cancer can be prevented not using sunbeds and taking care when outdoors.

Sunbeds give off UV rays that can be to fifteen times stronger than the midday Mediterranean sun. What sunbeds can do is cause your skin to sag and wrinkle. The radiation from these beds attack your collagen and elastin as well as causing further dehydration to the skin and aggravating pigmentation disorders. The tan will fade but the damage will not!

The only safe tan is a fake tan so lather on the self-tan for a flawless summer look! We have a wide range of self tan’s to give you that summer glow!

SOSU Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse is enriched with Vitamin A & E, Hyaluronic Acid and natural extracts of Goji Berry & Chamomile. Packed with hydration for maximum skin health and a natural fade.


SOSU Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse 150ml


Skingredients AHA Cleanse Brightening and Exfoliating Lactic Acid Cleanser

There is a myth that we shouldn’t exfoliate the face in the summer months but honestly exfoliating is the best way to remove dead skin cells that may be causing dullness on the surface of the skin and congestion in the pore. As opposed to a physical exfoliant, which only reaches the most surface level of the skin, chemical exfoliants like lactic, glycolic, or salicylic acid are a gentle way to foster deeper exfoliation and allow other beneficial products to have more impact on your skin.  Make your products work smarter not harder by introducing an acid into your face wash or your toner or once weekly with a mask.

The Skingredients AHA Cleanse Brightening and Exfoliating Lactic Acid Cleanser is a multi-use product that can be used twice or three times a week as a cleanser or once a week as a micro mask for ultimate exfoliation. It contains 8% lactic acid and 1% PHA, which work in harmony to brighten, exfoliate, hydrate, and plump the skin.


Skingredients AHA Cleanse Brightening and Exfoliating Lactic Acid Cleanser


La Roche-Posay Anthelios Age Correct SPF50+ Cream 50ml

This is the most important step of any summer skincare routine. Wearing a broad-spectrum SPF daily is the single best gift you can give your skin. It is the best way to protect your skin from sun damage. Ultraviolet rays that are present even on the most overcast and rainy days cause not only sinister diseases such as skin cancer but also are known to cause the signs of ageing in the skin. Dark Spots, Lines and Wrinkles and pigmentation disorders are all worsened by UV rays.

Sunscreen is the number one anti-aging product that works immediately upon application, and continues to keep your face looking healthy, wrinkle-free, and youthful for years to come!

The key is to find the SPF that you will enjoy wearing every day. So, match your SPF to your skin type and find a texture that you love.

The Anthelios range from la Roche Posay include some incredible SPF options for oily, combination, sensitive and dry skin types. They even do a full coverage full protection SPF mineral foundation!

The Anthelios Age Correct SPF50+ Cream is your antiaging day cream and full factor SPF in one! This will help you fight the signs of ageing and protect you from further damage all while replacing your daily moisturiser!


La Roche-Posay Anthelios Age Correct SPF50+ Cream 50ml

If you have any questions about your summer skincare, get in contact with one of our skincare experts here in Meaghers, visit us at for more information.


Oonagh O’Hagan

Meaghers Pharmacy

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Summer Ready Skin

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