Time to Dust Down the Heels

by Lisa McGowan

Hi Girls,

Happy July, can you actually believe that it is July? Where has the time actually gone? Congratulations to us all! What we have gone through over the past few months and how we have all battled through deserves huge praise and I’m going to give it to us all. As a nation we adhered to the rules, which let’s be honest were so so difficult, but now there’s light girls!!


Here we are now with almost every business open, thousands of people back in work as we adjust to the new norm. What’s top of your list to get done? Top of mine was to get my roots done… It was so nice sitting in that chair and getting a revamp!! Oh Lord, it was great!

The hair is finally done, the makeup is going on and I am dusting down my heels… as Lisa hits the town.‘ 
Over the lockdown months I focussed a lot on very casual fashion styles. Easy to wear around the house and for garden parties.


Well girls, I am going out this month, that’s for sure. The hair is finally done, the makeup is going on and I am dusting down my heels… as Lisa hits the town. Imagine sitting down in a Restaurant and getting everything served to you, drinking a cocktail with family or friends. I am actually excited as I type – honestly. Oh Lord, how the simple things in life have become such a luxury (but hey we appreciate it all the more right?) What a reality check for us all, don’t you think?


What’s New for July

I’m delighted to have McElhinneys as my feature fashion for the month and we have some great looks – I’m sure you will agree. Ye all went mad for their Homewares so I managed to get them to stay with me again this month… and girls I also have Kidswear for July!! I had so many followers ask about Kidswear and now I have it. Some beautiful pieces in there and all very fairly priced. Dying to see what you all think about it.

Pamela Scott are with me again and I have three dresses in particular that I just love. I bet you will buy them before I even get to show them they are so nice. When I tried them on I was like ‘Yes! I bet the girls will love these just as much as I do!’
Welcome Kate & Pippa, another Irish company based in Dublin with independent stockists throughout the country. You all know how much I love to support Irish business and I am super thrilled to have Kate & Pippa with me for July. Wait until you see the looks and the dresses I personally chose. I will show you them during the month – they are just stunning.
GLAM DOLL have also joined the site for July and I’m so thrilled! Such a fantastic Irish brand girls… Just wait until you see all the Hollywood Mirrors, Furniture, Garden Lights, Travel Mirrors, Makeup Cases, Faux Fur Throws and lots more! Everything is super glam and will certainly jazz up your space! 

Delighted to have my good friend Rachel from Murphys Shoe Store in Bantry back with me. Ye are all going mad for her trainers, ye keep clearing her out! I have to say I think Murphys have a great selection of shoes and I love the fact that it is a small family business in West Cork. It’s all about looking after one another girls. It always has been (and always will be) my mantra.

With lots of us holidaying at home this year and with so many wonderful places to travel within Ireland I wanted to focus my Fashion picks for the July edition of the site with a vibe of holiday fashion for home… It would work too if going further afield. Lovely long dresses for evenings out and casual gear for the greenways and family days. I just love the great outdoors as you know and please God we will get the weather as well. There is nowhere like Ireland when the sun shines!


Girls, I also want to say a huge thanks to all of you. I honestly never dreamed four years ago that I would have such a following, not to mention such a successful website. None of this and I mean none of this would be possible without each and every one of you. It makes me so happy to know that you all trust my recommendations on all things fashion and lifestyle. I suppose I pride myself on only posting about quality products. If I wouldn’t wear it or use it then I would never recommend it to you. You don’t know how much this means to me and I often feel that I don’t get to thank you enough. You allow me to do what I love and for that I am eternally grateful.

Stay Safe & have a great July,

Love Lisa xx

Time to Dust Down the Heels

by Lisa McGowan time to read: 15 min