June 2024!

by Lisa McGowan

Hi There,

Well here we are halfway through the year already. I will say it again; the months are just flying by actually the years are just flying by. I am getting old for sure lol when I am saying that. It is great to have the Summer months here though. It just puts me in better form for sure. I think we can all agree if the sun shines and the weather is good with longer evenings it gives you a pep in your step for sure. May was a great month for me and we achieved so much and June is also looking like a humdinger for me as well. We had great launches last month and so many exciting projects coming up in June. There won’t be enough hours in the day but sure that is the way I like it as you all know. I have some great new brands joining me on the website this month. Big welcome to Lennon Courtney & Kilkenny Design. I am thrilled to have you on the site and wait until you see what I will be showing girls. I am also delighted to welcome Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning to the website. I picked up a gem of a tan and I know it is going to go down a storm with you all.

It is great to have Daragh home for the Summer now as well. All his exams are finished and seemed to go well, at least I hope they did. He is loving his course now and is so invested in it and sure that is all we want as parents is to have them happy. I like having him home though, he brings a buzz to the house. His friends are calling and they are full of the chats, mind you by September I might be delighted to see him heading back after spending the Summer cleaning up after him. He is working locally in Tullamore now during the holidays and to be fair he is good to work and will do pretty much any job that is given to him. They are mad to make the money at that age which is great. It would be a lot worse if he was just hanging around the house doing nothing for the Summer. That I would not be able to handle.

The house is flying up. It is amazing once they start the brick work how all of a sudden it seems to fly up. The roof has now started and that takes six weeks all going well. We are hoping the weather stays on our side now and that we can keep on track. It looks like we are still good for a November move in. I just really want to be in for the Winter and to get to spend Christmas there this year. As I said to you before, we are hosting this year. I owe a lot of Christmas Dinners to my family at this stage so I really want to have them all over with me this year. I cannot wait to have the extra space. Working from home when you don’t have a lot of space and trying to store it all is a real challenge. At times the house looks like a warehouse with boxes all over the place. The new house will have an Office and storage so I just cannot wait for this. It is hard when you look around and all you can see is clutter. I can’t handle the mess at all; it actually wrecks my head totally. Fingers crossed now it all stays on track. I am beyond excited about it. I cannot wait to get in.

Peter was home in May from America for a few days to visit Mam & Dad and the family. I wasn’t planning on visiting Boston this year but I have just booked to head over later in the Summer. He and Nadine have twisted my arm and I do love my visits to Boston. It is always a great trip because I stay with them and I can still work. It is almost like working from home but just in a different Country if you get me. That is the joy of my job. I can work from anywhere, well that is what I am telling myself but it is actually true. It is great to spend time with them and with my niece and nephew. I wish they lived closer to home because we all really miss them but then again it is a great excuse to take a trip. It does help that they are both great cooks and can also make homemade cocktails very very well. Sure I would be mad not to go…

All is really busy in Lisa & Co. at the moment. The tropical PJ sets were restocked yesterday. The last drop flew out the door so I was lucky enough to get the restock in on time for the Bank Holiday weekend. They are flying out the door again. Some sizes are sold out again but check it out to see if your size is available. They really are the perfect Summer set. Click here to buy.

In June we will launch our first dress collection which I am really excited about. The 100% French linen in the white with navy embroidery launching in a long and short length will be the first ones that I will release. I absolutely love them so much. They are so classy and elegant. In July I will have three more launches which again are just fabulous. My raffia bags will also be coming in June and I know so many of you are waiting for these. I had a sample in the pop up shop and I had amazing feedback from all my visitors to the shop. I love them and it is the perfect Summer raffia bag. Keep an eye on my stories as lots more are coming in the next few weeks. June & July will be super busy months for Lisa & Co. White t-shirts will be launching as will the pink and white shirts and the blue and white shirts and the long awaited black trousers. Watch this space as I said, so much newness is coming.

Girls, with Summer holidays are just around the corner My brush set is the ideal travel companion! It’s so compact I have it in the case for a night away or a week in the sun. Each brush is labelled with its function so it takes the confusion away. I’ve set up a special code for my subscribers which gives you 15% for this bank holiday weekend ONLY. CLICK HERE

I had an amazing shoot last week and it was super because I got to wear a lot of my own new launches. I can’t say what it was for but watch this space. We were blessed with the weather. You all know I am not comfortable in this scenario but it was a small team and I had worked before with everybody so this made it an awful lot easier. I have another really big shoot coming up on June 5th. This is for Lisa & Co. Cosmetics. Something very exciting is coming here and again I think you are all going to love this product. It is all going on as I said, but it is great. I have a work trip to Italy early June too. We fly out on June 3rd which is the Bank Holiday Monday and will be there for two days. Straight home then for the Cosmetics shoot so a busy few days there. We hope to launch the cosmetic product towards the end of June.

It’s Leaving and Junior Cert time of year again. I know how stressful this time is for families everywhere. I just want to wish all my followers who have kids sitting exams the very best of luck. It is a tough time but I always say that it doesn’t define them and where there is a will there’s a way. It will be over in no time and normal service will resume in all the houses.

That’s all my news for now girls but stay tuned on my stories for all the updates throughout the month. Thanks so much as always.

Chat soon,

Lisa x

What’s New for June?

Delighted to have Pamela Scott as my feature store of the month for June. I really love working with them month after month. Richard and Louise are just a pure joy to work with and just keep coming up with the looks. This month is no exception with a cracking newsletter dress and super pieces to show throughout the month. I have to say colours are so Summer and I am getting holiday vibes.
Great to have Helen on the site again this month. Helen owns Nina’s in Trim and continues to come up with looks. I love working with Helen. She is just so super organised and has great labels in the store. If you have never visited I would suggest a visit to Trim. Great shoe collection as well. So worth a trip to Trim Ladies.

I am so delighted to welcome Lennon Courtney & Kilkenny Design to my website for the first time. This is my first month to ever work with the brand and I am super excited to welcome them to Lisa’s Lust List. I am a long time follower of Sonya & Brendan and am really looking forward to working together with them. I love my feature pieces and the quality and price is really second to none.

As I always say there hasn’t been one month when we haven’t had Rachel from Murphy’s in Bantry on the website. At this stage it wouldn’t feel normal if we didn’t have them with us. Month after month, year after year, Rachel just keeps coming up with all the best shoes, trainers, sliders and sandals. She never lets us down and this month is no different!

Another great Irish brand that I work with on a monthly basis. We all need good leisure wear and let me tell you this brand will never let you down. I love the look and feel and they wash like a dream. I am a huge fan of the sports jackets and the t-shirts in particular. There’s always a great discount code on my site for the brand  girls.


Well let me tell you all you are all going mad for the Sketchers that I have shown you all over the last few months. I am delighted to see that you are all loving it just as much as I am. They really are a winning brand and the discount really helps and makes them so much more affordable. Delighted to have another cracker to show you this month

I really hope you enjoy the fashion and style that I have chosen for June girls. I really try hard to keep it fresh and fun and put lots of time into getting it right. Looking forward to your feedback on it all.
Chat really soon,
Lisa xx
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June 2024!

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