Mood Lifting Tools To Support Your Wellbeing

June 2023

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We all know how it feels to have days where we are overwhelmed or feeling low. It can be difficult to avoid this from happening, but we can prepare and arm ourselves with tools that may help to lift our mood and support our mental wellbeing when we are feeling this way.

Physical Activity

There are so many reasons to take part in daily activities that involve moving your body and here are just a few:

Physical exercise strengthens your & improves circulation

When we exercise our body releases endorphins and these trigger a positive feeling and can boost our mood. Exercising regularly has been a game changer in how many feel day to day.

If you are increasing youractivity levels, very often your muscles can become tired or overworked. The Active Recovery Theraputic Gel cooling Pack, is a body wrap designed to apply Hot or Cold therapy post workout. Use chilled to help reduce sweling & muscle pain or heated to soothe tired or strained muscles


Active Recovery Therapeutic Gel Body Wrap


Mindfulness practices have been shown to help reduce stress, increase happiness, provide greater perspective on situations and help bring a sense of calm. This is different for everyone. Read a book, Listen to music or have a bath with salts and a lit candle.

When Im feeling a little frazzled, I like to surround myself with the empowering scent of grapefruit and may chang, from the hand made soap company.



The Handmade Soap Company Grapefruit & May Chang Candle

And I highly recommend the adding a sprinkle of the Aroma Home Inner Balance Renew and Restore Bath Salts to your bath, as they are infused with carefully selected essential oils to evoke positive emotions


Aroma Home Inner Balance Renew and Restore Bath Salts

Healthy Eating

Maintaining a balanced diet rich in wholefoods can benefit both your mental and physical health and have a positive impact on your mood.

Eat the rainbow: Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps to increase your fibre intake and as fibre feeds our gut bacteria, this supports our gut health.

Aim to eat 2-3 portions of oily fish per week: This provides omega fatty acids, good fats for the brain which help to support concentration, focus and memory. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can obtain omega fatty acids from nuts, seeds and algae sources.


Adjusting your bedtime to get a good night’s sleep can be challenging. A helpful tip is to gradually shift your bedtime by 10 minutes earlier each night for a week, and then continue to increase it week by week. Sleep plays an important role in our overall wellbeing, so it’s important that we prioritise a good, restful night’s sleep as much as possible. If you have trouble winding down at night, try using a sleep spray on your pillow/Soft furnishings


Waxperts Lavender Scent Room Spray

Some people find it more difficult to sleep in summer months with the increased temperature, we highly recommend the cooling pillow, if heat is what is disturbing your sleep.


Aroma Home Gel Cooling Pillow

Hopefully these tips have been helpful and if you ever need support or advice in relation to wellness and health, don’t forget that the Meaghers team are on hand to help.

Oonagh O’Hagan

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-Lisa McGowan

Mood Lifting Tools To Support Your Wellbeing

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