April 2024!

by Lisa McGowan

Hello Hello,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and got time to enjoy the downtime and eat lots and lots of chocolate. I probably ate my body weight in chocolate but it is my weakness and it was Easter. That is like the ultimate chocolate pass, well it is in my opinion lol. I had the best holiday girls. It had been five years since we had been to The Maldives. It really is a little slice of heaven and the only place I can totally get to chill out and relax and relax we certainly did. I only had one job over the fourteen days so I had no worries on my shoulders. The biggest decision I had to make was what I was going to have for dinner and where we were going to go for dinner. We will return next year for sure. It was very very warm, warmer than any previous trip to the Island. I was in the shade quite a lot but then again as I got older I am not able for the sun as much. We stayed quite active between the gym, walking and water sports. We both love snorkelling and it is like a movie under there. I had a close one with a shark. I got some fright I can tell you. I nearly drowned poor Chris pulling at him. Don’t think I ever moved so fast girls.

We are very lucky that we got the buddy pass for flights with Dougie. He’s a  long time with Virgin and it makes travel in general a lot less expensive for us and if space is available we get bumped up. It is a win-win and it makes a long flight very comfortable. It was a long journey to the Maldives and we flew Via Heathrow. I always think on the way over you never mind the stop over but it is not as easy on the way home. The excitement gets you through on the way and I was buzzing for the trip. I am happy to be home though and ready to get stuck in. We have so much going on. The girls were great when I was away and looked after everything for me but I am back now with a bang and so much to do.

My biggest news for this month is that we will be opening our first pop up shop later this month in the Whitewater Shopping Centre in Newbridge. We will be there for a two week stint. I won’t lie this is very daunting as it is our first entry into retail and there’s lots and lots to learn. As they say though you learn on the job and I am a fast learner so head down now and get through the “to do” list as best I can. I will have new stock landing into the shop including my new Summer Tropical Pyjama set, Navy & Camel Blazers, the new Blue Walking jackets. a restock of the plain Blue and White Shirts . My Classic Sunglasses will also be available along with the Aviators in all three colours. My Black Blazers will also be in stock and Makeup Brushes, Perfume and Aftershave. Crystals & Co. will also be onsite with us so lots of bling to bring along. We are working on running Evening Events with Guest presenters so lots to plan and look forward to. I am very excited like very, very excited. I will also be working in the shop as much as I can and look forward to meeting you all and helping you out with styling. I think Whitewater in Newbridge is a good location and it is easily accessed from all over the Country and there is plenty of parking and it is not too big. I will keep you posted on my stories as we confirm opening dates etc. It is going to be great though.

The fit out I am thrilled with and I am working closely with Movement Events on the fit out. As soon as I know more I will share all the details. We have so much fashion newness coming that I cannot wait to share with you all. My makeup brushes are back in stock again girls. I just want to say a huge thanks for all the support shown. I do love them and makeup just glides on using them. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

Daragh is home now for two weeks and I am delighted to have him home. He is 21 now but he is still my baby and always will be. I love having him just around the house even if he drops bits everywhere I still love having him home for the chats and the banter. He is loving his course and is so happy and sure once he is happy I am happy. All the Mammy’s out there will understand exactly what I mean. When we drove by the new house last night I couldn’t believe it when I saw that it was almost at roof level. It is really becoming a reality now for me and sure the way the year is flying by November will be here in no time whatsoever.. It is amazing once they start the block laying how fast it flies up. I know all the internals will take a good long time as well.

That’s all the news for now but I will have loads to fill you in on as the April days go by girls. Really looking forward to meeting you all in Whitewater.

Chat soon,
Lisa xx

What’s New for April?

I am delighted to be working again this month with Pamela Scott. The Summer stock is really coming to the fore now which is super. I feel like I am in complete Summer mode after my holiday girls. Last month’s newsletter dress was a huge success. Let’s just hope this one is as popular with you all. I think it will be xxx

Delighted to be working with Helen from Nina’s again this month. It is great to be able to share with you complete outfits from the Boutique. This month I have two cracking three piece outfits to share with you. I get great feedback when I show the complete look. I hope you all love them this month as much as I do.

Well you all went mad for the Paul Greene trainers in both colours last month girls. Rachel just never gets it wrong with her shoes, boots and trainers. What a treasure trove all the way down there in Bantry in West Cork. Wait till you see what April brings girls.

I am so delighted to work with this amazing Irish brand again this month. I just love the product I really really do. The quality is second to none and the Spring/Summer colours are just fabulous. They are also a complete dream to work with


Delighted to welcome Vaughans to the website girls. Wait until you see the brand I will be featuring this month. You are all going to love xx

I really hope you enjoy the fashion and style that I have chosen for April girls. I really try hard to keep it fresh and fun and put lots of time into getting it right. Looking forward to your feedback on it all.
Chat really soon,
Lisa xx
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April 2024!

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