Joyful July

by Lisa McGowan

Hi Girls,

I hope you are all having a great Summer so far and what a Summer we are having. The weather has just been amazing and let’s hope it lasts girls. It certainly puts a pep in my step, I just love the warm long days so much. Here is hoping July is the same although we can’t complain now with the run we have had.

June just seemed to fly by for me because I was so busy with work which is great and I never take it for granted. The day you start to take things for granted can be the day it all ends. Not a day goes by that I do not thank my lucky stars for all I have and for all the loyalty I receive from my community. As I always say, we have built up an incredible group here together. None of which would have happened without the constant support you have all shown me. Let me chat through June and what has been going on in the crazy Life of Lisa…

Well, the house has started. Exciting and daunting at the same time. I have had the site for almost a year now so it has taken a long time to get to this stage. I am hoping it will all start to speed up now .Planning and design takes so long but I am so happy so far with what we have chosen. The demolition is happening now and I just cannot wait for the build to start. We are thinking a year to get it all finished and hopefully by this time next year we will be in. I love the location which is literally down the road from my house now. I am moving to the end of the road, typical me.. I can walk into town, actually I am marginally closer now maybe 500 metres lol. Shorter walk in the mornings for the coffee run.. I will keep you all updated on operation house as we progress. Judging by all the messages you are all dying to see and hear how it is all going. This is my forever home now so I need to get this right. I love where I am now but since the office closed I have no storage space and I am almost living in a warehouse. I cannot wait to have an area where I can keep all this together and then have my living quarters. I know how Dad felt all those years in the office now, Sorry Dad and thanks for the patience lol..

China was amazing. Shanghai is like there are no words for girls. Vast, fast and furious kind of sums it all up. For me, what an experience it was. The festival of the Dragon was on so it was completely buzzing. As you know I travelled over with Virgin. Chris’s brother is a flight manager with Virgin and he has us on his friends and family pass. I travelled in style this time. If there is a spare seat then I get bumped up so luckily this happened on the way over and back. We were physically in Shanghai for two days and we walked and walked and saw all the sites. I would revisit it for sure and would recommend it to others. I was aware that social media is banned in China. It is called the great firewall of China. I had read though that once you bring your own VPN you can access. Not true… I tried everything to connect but no joy. Lisa with no phone for four days but you know what, it did me the world of good. It was a real switch off and I slept so well, girls. Chris said in future if he wants some peace he will buzz Dougie and arrange a trip to China lol… I love travelling so much and visiting new places. We are off to Scotland this weekend. We will visit Chris’s Mammy and then spend a few days in Edinburgh. I love Edinburgh as you know. I will be visiting my favourite whiskey bar….

Lisa & Co. have had a super busy June, We had a brilliant month. You know sometimes when you are working on a product it feels like you are putting all the work in but the products take so long to produce and land into the country. All the hard work from the last few years is certainly starting to show now as I have more and more coming to market. My t-shirts launch today. Honest to God girls it took me two full years to perfect the t-shirts. Whilst it might seem like an easy product to produce it was far from it. We have all tried to find the perfect T and just can’t. I love both the V-Neck and the Round neck. There are four components in the t-shirts and they are a dressy style. I am calling them my Saturday night T-Shirt. You can dress them right up with a lovely blazer and even for a casual look they still look special. I really hope you love them as much as I do. I know that I don’t have enough stock but I do have a follow up landing within the next four weeks.

I was also so happy that you all loved the walking jackets so much. I as you know have lived in mine and they tick every box. Early August I will have the fuschia colour landing so keep an eye on my stories. The classic style glasses are all sold out again and I have a larger order landing to me again in August so I will let you know when they are on sale. I am working away on my aviators so hopefully in August I might have an update on them for you. Just changing and tweaking a few small details to make them perfect. The blue and white shirts will also be launching this month so I will let you all know in advance.
The Fern and flamingo shorts and cami you have all loved. They are the ideal summer set and I find them brilliant for the warm nights. There are very limited sizes left in them and I won’t be restocking. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

That is about all my news for this month girls. It’s all go as they say but sure I wouldn’t want it any other way. Again, a huge thanks for all the support. It really wouldn’t be happening without you all.

Thanks so much as always,

Lisa xx

What’s New for July?

I am so delighted to have Pamela Scott as my feature store of the month. I just love this dress so much. A great pop of colour and ideal for a Wedding, the races or any special occasion really. To really dress it up, pop a hat with it and you have a complete winner of an outfit. Pamela Scott never fails to deliver. Would you believe I have been working with them since the very beginning. They really are an amazing Irish company. Hope you love this month’s offerings. X
I am so happy that Helen is with me again this month. The sale went down a storm last month and wait till you see what I have for you all in July girls. Nina’s really do both the casual and the occasion looks so well. I love working with them and here is to the next few months Helen.
A month would not be complete without Rachel. Rachel is also with me since I started this crazy train that we are all on. I think the last few months though have been Rachels biggest ones yet with you all. I just love that she is a small business in West Cork and we are all supporting her. Lots more to come this month… Watch this space xx
I really hope you enjoy the fashion and style that I have chosen for July girls. I really try hard to keep it fresh and fun and put lots of time into getting it right. Looking forward to your feedback on it all.
Chat really soon,
Lisa xx
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Joyful July

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