July 2024!

by Lisa McGowan

Hello Hello..

Welcome July. I just said to the girls this morning that I just cannot believe it is July already. I know I say it all the time but the months and actually the years are just flying by. I have to say the last few months for me have been a total whirlwind. At times I cannot believe that it is all actually happening if you get me. I never thought five years ago that all this would be going on for me. It is a complete dream come true without sounding all soppy but it really is. I am so lucky to have the best team around me who help me so much. We have so many moveable parts and you know me, everything has to be perfect. I am so lucky though, I just love what I do and we as a group of women have a lot of laughs along the way.

June was a great month for Lisa & Co. We had lots of launches. The linen dresses were such a huge hit. I was nervous about the dresses. It was my first time to launch dresses so I really wanted them fabulous and they really are. When you launch a new product there is always a fear within me. I am hoping I got them right and that all the features are correct and that they suit you all. I have had the most amazing feedback on them. The linen I used is French and really high end. I have three more launching throughout July & August and I think you will all love them just as much as I do. The long awaited raffia bags landed also and they also went down really well. I was a long time working on them. They are each handmade girls so they took a lot of time to produce. They are super quality and the ideal holiday accessory. I will have more coming towards the end of the month so I will keep you updated. As I write today the denim jackets are flying out the door. The denim jacket really is a great staple piece. We all need a good denim jacket especially in Summer. I love my new one and I know you will too. It is the perfect colour, fit and style. Lots more to tell you all about the clothing but I will keep you all updated. The long awaited taupe leather bag has gone down a treat. It really is the perfect colour and the perfect size girls. I adore it so much and it just goes with everything. It has literally flown out the door and I am not a bit surprised. I have a few left in stock but I would say not for long. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

So girls… The hero product has finally arrived. You received the early access newsletter yesterday and I am lost for words at the reaction we received. You can all Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a beautifully hydrated and radiant complexion. I can almost hear you say how does skin silk achieve this? So, it is enriched with 2 types of hyaluronic acid and ceramide III, this CC cream provides dual-action hydration, nourishing your skin’s surface and delving deep for enduring moisture. The powerhouse combination of A-C-E vitamins, blueberry extract, and anti-aging peptides is the perfect fusion to promote youthful, luminous skin. Complete with UVB and UVA tested sunscreen and soft-focus powders, you’ll have a silky smooth complexion that radiates a gorgeous healthy glow. It adjusts to your skin tone evening out the imperfections.  You can wear it alone or as a primer if you enjoy a fuller coverage look. It is available in Light, medium & dark however Shade Light and Medium are sold out, I just cant believe it! I wear the shade medium. I genuinely am shocked at how little I have left girls. I never anticipated this but I am so happy and appreciate all the support. I have very very limited stock left. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER. I am super super proud of it and cannot thank you all enough for the support you showed yesterday!

The house is flying up. I won’t lie, I am buzzing everytime I go over to the site. The windows are going in next. Four months and counting. It is mad how fast it all seems to be going now. I am hoping the weather stays good now. I just can’t wait to get in there and start the interiors and make it my home. The excitement is real.


Daragh is home from College for the Summer as you know. I love having him home and love the company in the house. There is just a buzz with him around. We are both heading off on holidays this week. I am delighted that he still wants to go on holiday with his old Mammy. We are going to the same place that we went to a few years back. He loved it and so did I. A week of rest and relaxation in the sun and time for us to catch up. As you know Daragh is my only child and we are really close as it was just the two of us for so long. I am really looking forward to it. I am heading off later in the month with Chris, Linda & Declan. We bought the lads a Christmas present for a trip to see Andrea Bocelli in Tuscany. A present for them but also for us lol…. win win eh girls…. I cannot wait to see him. A once in a lifetime experience for us and to soak up the Italian food and weather. I will pop up some posts when I am there to bring you along on the trip.

That’s about all the news that I have at the moment but that is a lot.. I will keep you all updated on launch dates and everything else that is going on in the crazy life of Lisa lol…


Thanks so much as always,

Lots of love,
Lisa x

What’s New for July?

Month after month Pamela Scott continues to produce the most fabulous looks. They offer such a great variety of pieces from trousers to dresses, coats and tops it really really is a one stop shop. Let’s be honest it is an Irish institution in fashion retail and I have to say I love working with Richard. Louise and the entire Pamela Scott team. This month is no different with some key high fashion looks.
Well girls you cleared Helen out of it last month with the two pieces that I shared with you all. The Naya looks went down a complete treat. It really is a wonderful brand and all you Ladies seem to really love it. Lots of fabulous looks again this month to share and wait till you see Autumn/Winter.
Rachel had her June Bank Holiday sale last month and she was almost cleared out. It was a huge success for her but she has such amazing brands. There really is something to suit everybody in Murphy’s. We are working away now on Autumn/Winter looks if you can believe it. We always try to be around five months ahead. Lots coming from Rachel so watch this space girls.

Month after month girls we all seem to love the looks that are coming from Gym+ Coffee. It really is a super super brand that continues to produce great quality leisure wear. Even though it is a leisure brand you tend to almost feel dressed up wearing it. It also helps that it is an Irish brand. As you all know I love to support Irish brands and Gym+ Coffee I would have to say would be one of my solid favourites.

I really hope you enjoy the fashion and style that I have chosen for July girls. I really try hard to keep it fresh and fun and put lots of time into getting it right. Looking forward to your feedback on it all.
Chat really soon,
Lisa xx
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July 2024!

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