Nail your Ladies’ Day Look

January 2020

Want to win Best Dressed at Ladies’ Day? Check out Lisa McGowan’s latest advice on how to nail the look… 

Polish up

You just have to be really well put together, I think it’s very important that you’re polished. It isn’t about the outfit, it’s about the grooming. If you’re wearing an up-do… get it done properly, have your nails done.


Go for golden

I don’t like looking at white legs if the sun is shining. But at the same time, we’re not all living in Ibiza. So if you want to do a gradual tan or something, that’s fine.


Matchy matchy is a no no

It’s the overall look for me – certainly there won’t have to be a headpiece. Sometimes I feel there’s too much going on and it’s matchy matchy. It’s just overall elegance I’m looking for.


Don’t always demand a brand

The first Ladies’ Day that I won, I bought a dress that I cut in half and I paid €6 for it. I hired my hat for €25, and my shoes were from Dunnes Stores. My overall look cost me €65, and I think I won a €3,000 prize.

Now at the same time, I’ve also bought Irish design and I’ve won with Irish design. It depends on what the judges are looking for on the day.


Avoid the attack of the clones

Dress for yourself – don’t clone yourself to previous winners because I’m seeing an awful lot of that. I’m seeing lots of girls wearing capes or ivory because previous winners have done it. I don’t want to see that – I want to see something different.


Remember to smile!

Somebody is going to stand out. Their persona, the way they carry themselves… No one wants to see anybody teetering around… Carry yourself properly, hold your head up, have a smile on your face and enjoy your day.

Nail your Ladies’ Day Look

by Lisa McGowan time to read: 5 min