Devote Time to You

December 2022

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Written by Tara Loughnana pharmacist – Meaghers Pharmacy

The last year has been tough for so many of us & the the cost of living crisis has brough financial worries, job losses, fear and anxiety to many.

The impact of these stresses on our health and wellbeing can be immense, the festive period can be extremely busy it is important now to take some time to rest, reset and recharge.

I want to share some tips that might allow you to personally handle stress and reset and rebalance the system at the end of a stressful year.

Our top products to help you rest & destress.

Solgar Ultimate Calm 30 Tablets

Ultimate Calm is a uniquely formulated natural botanical complex, for those occasions when you are feeling under pressure or overwhelmed. Designed to balance a worried mind, Solgar Ultimate Calm combines two plant-based ingredients Ashwagandha and Saffron


Solgar Ultimate Calm 30 Tablets

Wanderflower Off-Grid Digital Detox Gift Set

Take your self away from the hustle and bustle of the house and allow yourself some pamper time.  A luxury gift anyone in need of relaxation, overworked friends & family on their feet all day and in need of some pampering or a loved one recovering from illness. Includes a Step by step guide to perform your perfect digital detox ritual


Wanderflower Off-Grid Digital Detox 4 Piece Boxed Gift Set

Cosy Joe Hot Water Bottle With Faux Fur Cover (72cm long)

Cosy up and Relax in comfort with the soft and luxurious long hot water bottle. Ideal for adding warmth to a chilly day and night.


Cosy Joe Hot Water Bottle With Faux Fur Cover

Spacemask Self Heating Eye Masks

Space masks because they are self-heating and relax the muscles around the eyes and as such will release any tension and help you drift off for a more restful sleep. They also smell of Jasmine which is simply divine.


Spacemask Self Heating Eye Masks 5 Pack

New Nordic Melissa Dream Restful Sleep

Melissa Dream tablets is a formulation that contains herbal ingredients that have a calmative effect on your body. They contain magnesium, Lemon balm, L-theanine and chamomile and can help to relax you also before going to bed.  Just take three tablets one hour before bed to relax you and aid a great night’s sleep.


New Nordic Melissa Dream Restful Sleep

Mag365 Magnesium Supplement Exotic Lemon

Magnesium is also brilliant to take in a hot drink before bedtime to relax your muscles, simply add a half to one full teaspoonful into a hot drink before bedtime.

Mag365 magnesium powder is a source of highly absorbable, effective, fast-acting water-soluble magnesium in ionic form. It is 100% natural magnesium and helps to both restore healthy magnesium levels and balance your calcium intake, including dissolving any excess calcium in the body. The result of this is natural stress relief.


Mag365 Magnesium Supplement Exotic Lemon

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Devote Time to You

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