The Super Liposomal Supplement Brand Zooki

June 2024

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A well-balanced diet is always the best way to ensure you are meeting all your vitamin and nutrient needs however this can be difficult to do daily and with changes in farming and manufacturing, our foods are not always as rich in essential nutrients and vitamins as they once were. For that reason, many people wish to supplement. However not all supplements are created the same and many are excreted from the body without making any real impact on the system.

Here in Meaghers we champion brands that are backed by science, supported by clinical trials and proven to work to ensure that you see a difference from your supplement.

Many supplements

  • Don’t contain enough nutrients.
  • Don’t contain the right type of nutrient.
  • Oxidise in the digestive system before they are absorbed.
  • Don’t get absorbed into the bloodstream.
It’s all in the ingredients chosen,  the formulation and the delivery system!

Let’s take Vitamin C as an example: Vitamin C cannot be made or stored in our bodies so if we are not getting enough vitamin C from our diets daily, a supplement is a great idea to support our energy, immune system, skin and psychological function.

50% of the Vitamin C in a conventional supplement gets destroyed after an hour in your digestive system. Of the Vitamin C that does make it through your digestive system, most of that passes straight through the body without getting absorbed into the bloodstream.

If it doesn’t get absorbed, we won’t feel the benefits! Zooki Supplements are different!

Zooki uses Liposomes (microscopic lipid bubbles) to help protect the vitamin C as it passes through your digestive tract,  helps it absorb and delivers it to your blood stream.

Liposomal Vitamin C encapsulates the Vitamin C molecules within these protective lipid spheres to prevent nutrient degradation in the digestive system’s harsh environments, shielding them from acidic conditions.

To demonstrate the shielding ability of Zooki liposomes, the scientists testing Zooki simulated the acidic conditions of both the stomach and the intestines and measured how Zooki products held up in comparison to nutrients in their raw, unprotected form.

What were the results we hear you ask?

Staggering really – The scientists found that ten times less vitamin C was destroyed by stomach acid after an hour in your digestive system demonstrating how these liposomes shield and protect the vitamin C in your digestive system.

Passing through the gut wall

After passing through the digestive system, nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream through active transport using protein channels in your gut lining. The body may not have enough protein channels to absorb high concentrations of nutrients from supplements, causing most nutrients to pass through the body without entering the bloodstream.

The Trials to prove it 

Clinical bio-availability trials on Zooki Vitamin C and Zooki Glutathione demonstrate this mechanism well. Both trials found that over a 48 hour period, there was four times more nutrients in the bloodstream when using Zooki Liposomal Encapsulation compared to nutrients in their raw, non-encapsulated form.

Zooki Liposomal Encapsulation is clinically proven to increase absorption of nutrients by up to X 4 times.


What it shows is that increased absorption does actually translate to increased health benefits – and that’s what Zooki’s Liposomal range is all about.

If you choose to supplement make sure it is with a brand backed by science and one that cares about the formulation and delivery system of their products like Liposomal Zooki!

That’s why we love the Zooki range and we hope you do too!

Oonagh O’Hagan

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-Lisa McGowan

The Super Liposomal Supplement Brand Zooki

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